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About me

Jessa Selland

Driven by her passion to help horses perform to the best of their ability, Jessa graduated NorthWest School of Animal Massage as a certified practitioner to become an equine sports therapist. 

Quantum Equine Bodyworks was established in 2019 servicing equine athletes in the San Diego area.

Our Mission

I strive to provide quality and customized sessions with a special touch. If your horse has inconsistent performance, competes in shows or you’re looking to improve their overall wellbeing, I make it my priority to address your horse’s individual needs. All horses are athletes, whether they’re just beginning, advanced competitors, pleasure horses or retired. Just as professional sports teams have physical therapists that ensure their athletes can perform their best, equine sports therapy relieves tense or tight areas throughout your horse’s body increasing mobility and range of motion, reducing muscle pain, speeding up recovery between workouts and competitions, as well as injury prevention. Whether you’re looking to keep your equine athlete at the top of their game, preserving your retired horse’s comfortability in their golden years or helping your horse ascend to the next level, equine sports therapy will aid in reducing stress, pain management and improved performance.

Services Offered

Each session is unique and provides your horse with what it needs in that moment of time

Sports Massage

Massage therapy is a proven remedy for muscle soreness and injury prevention. Sports massage is a refined form of massage therapy with the goal of improving athletic performance and speeding up recovery time by targeting overworked muscles as a result from strenuous, intensive exercise. 

kinesiology tape

Equi-Tape involves varying application techniques that provide therapeutic and training solutions delivering physiological effects. The kinesiology tape stimulates nerves receptors enhancing proprioception which is critical for the horse’s balance, coordination and overall performance. The tape creates a micro-massage effect that helps increase circulation, reduce inflammation and relieves muscle tension, as well as supporting joint range of motion, flexibility and muscle activation. 

cold laser 

The MultiRadiance Laser is a Class 1, safe for everyday use, laser that provides a fast, non-invasive pain relief solution. Through the process of photobiomodulation, the Super Pulsed technology is designed to deliver light energy to tissue in order to jump-start damaged cells allowing the tissue to heal quicker. The foundational goal is to relieve pain and inflammation, repair tissue, injury recovery and blue light therapy to target wounds for added infection control.

Why Sports Massage?

Muscle tightness follows most workouts, persisting for a few hours to a few days which reduces your horse’s performance during the next training session or competition. This muscle tightness is a result of lactic acid build up which restricts blood and oxygen from entering the muscles, causing pain and muscle weakness. This may show up as shortened or uneven stride length, not fully engaging muscles, feeling stiff or dragging feet, just to name a few. 

Since the mechanical pressure of massage increases circulation throughout the horse’s body, toxins and metabolic waste are flushed out allowing for more blood and oxygen to enter the muscle during exercise. Increased blood flow helps repair the muscles and tissue that were damaged as a result of training, speeding up recovery, improving flexibility, reducing muscle fatigue and increasing stamina. 

Sports massage encourages the release of certain neurotransmitters, also known as endorphins, which act as the body’s natural pain relievers. It also benefits your horse psychologically bringing a calming, restorative state enhancing your horse’s sleep quality, reducing anxiety and generating an overall sense of relaxation. 

Tense muscles, ligaments and other soft tissue prevent your horse’s body from experiencing its full range of motion. Massage therapy works to align the muscles and connective tissue ultimately restoring loss of mobility, preventing injuries, boosting performance and extending the overall life of your horse’s sporting career.  


Quantum Equine Bodyworks is based in Carlsbad, CA and services all of San Diego county. 

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