The likely answer is YES! Most horses would benefit from massage therapy especially if your horse is working or being routinely ridden. From horses learning a new discipline, lesson horses to performance horses, youngsters to geriatric’s, mares and stallions used for breeding, pleasure horses and those trying to reach the top!

Signs Your Horse May Need A Massage

~Pinning the ears, biting, kicking or other signs of discomfort when saddling & tightening girth

~Sensitive in the poll area, constant head shaking or limp ear(s) or a dry cough

~Development of stereotypes such as cribbing or weaving

~Seems “off”, not acting like themselves or more spooky than usual

~Patterns of mood swings

~Reluctance to move forward during exercise

~Difficulty picking up the correct lead or constantly “cross firing” (cross cantering)

~Difficulty bending to one or both sides

~ Toe dragging, toe flipping/flinging, twisting of the hock

~Gait abnormalities or recurring undiagnosed lameness, inconsistent gait showing as shorter strides, not fluid movement/choppy, all of a sudden clipping the jumps, etc.

~Uncharacteristic bucking and/or rearing during exercise

~Lack of balance or lack of communication between the front end & the hind end

~Asymmetry of the face, or protrusions/lumps on the head



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